Our valuation process relies on financial markets making it objective and fast. It also costs significantly less.

Participants in the stock market, ranging from individual traders to hedge funds, pension funds and large banks, trade stocks daily looking for undervalued opportunities. While stock market valuations are by no means perfect, the huge number of interested parties involved ensures best available pricing mechanism.


Data entry

We need both quantitative and qualitative information about your business. Unlike many other valuation models who rely solely on quantitative part. The questionnaire is divided in 7 parts: Business model, Revenue, Expenses, Profit, Assets, Liabilities and People and should take around 30 minutes to fill in. If you feel any important data has been omitted you can add it and will take it into account.

Market scanning

Valuano engine will search for similar companies listed on the stock market in your country. It will also scan recent M&A deals within industry. Tailor weighted valuation averages adjusted for outliers are applied to your financials. Supported markets are USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany and Japan.


Every company is different and its profile will significantly affect future prospects. We will adjust the quantitative valuation to reflect company's business model, market conditions, management strength and risk.

Valuation report

Your valuation report in 20+ page PDF form is delivered to your e-mail within 24 hours. It contains all the input and our valuation with the emphasis on key drivers.


Our standard format includes 20+ pages report containing visual presentation of your input and our findings.